Painter : Toto Kastareja
City/District : Jakarta
Province : DKI Jakarta

Painter Profile : Born in Cilacap, Central Java, June 26, 1967. His painting education was obtained from Sekolah Menengah Seni Rupa (SMSR) Yogyakarta and Sekolah Tinggi Kesenian Wilwatika (STKW) Surabaya.

Two solo exhibitions:
"Spritual Dalam Cinta" (Spiritual in Love) at Darmin Cafe Gallery, Jakarta
"Art Imagination" at Barneveldt Gallery, Kluihof 40, 3155 Maasland, Netherlands.

Several joint exhibitions, including:
- In 2008, a joint exhibition of Neo Hipta 2008, in the Cipta 2 gallery Jakarta,
- In 2008, Visual of Art Exhibition 2008 "a love letter in the twelfth moon" at O House Gallery Jakarta,
- In 2008, Indonesia Japan 2008 joint exhibition at O House Gallery Jakarta,
- In 2010, a joint exhibition of Contemporary Art Jakarta 2010, "The Second God" at the Jakarta national gallery,
- In 2010, a joint exhibition at the 7 Bintang gallery in Yogyakarta 2010.
- In 2013, a joint exhibition "Ieu Kula" 2013, at the National Gallery of Jakarta,
- In 2013, the 2013 "JongJAKart" joint exhibition, at Balai Budaya Jakarta
- 2014, 2014 HIPTA joint exhibition, at Galeri Cipta 2 TIM Jakarta,
- In 2014, the 2014 joint exhibition "IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT", at the King Room Gallery Jakarta.

His work was selected several times at the Nusantara and 2011 selection exhibitions at the National Gallery of Jakarta.

Won several awards, including:
- In 1988, the winner of the top 3 best works at the Central Java Tourism Promotion competition
- In 1992, the top 3 winners were the best in face painting competition, Gunung Agung - Jakarta
- In 2005, the top 5 winners for the best work at the Jakarta Golden Palette competition
- In 2009, the top 3 winners for the best work at the Anti Corruption competition in Jakarta 2009.

His work is widely collected in Indonesia, the Netherlands, England, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India and Oman.